A brief note of introduction

While I do hope for much more to come, I want to put something up quickly to welcome you to the new home of “Will’s Word of the Week.” I will be looking into “serendipity” here shortly, as well as sprucing up this place in cyberspace and, soon, linking to as much of my old stuff at “The Jibsheet” and “The Daily” as possible (though esp. with the later).

Thank for you visiting this etymological work-in-progress, and please come back shortly. And so while it is true that “the past is not what it was,” to quote my inspirational Chesterton, the future will be what the present isn’t now!

2 thoughts on “A brief note of introduction

  1. Will!

    I’m very excited to read more of your “Will’s Word”, as well as some of your adventures in England.

    I have a word I’ve been dying to know the origins of, and it’s English. More of a slang, really. Knackered. Used to mean “worn out” or sometimes “tired”, it really has bugged me.

    Anyway! Cheerio and all that!

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