CV/resume/more about Will’s work

from Sigma Delta Chi's (later the Society of Professional Journalists') 'Quill,' from the April 1958 issue. 'Goodnight, Boss."
Sigma Delta Chi’s (later the Society of Professional Journalists’) ‘Quill,’ April 1958.

My CV can be found here: Mari academic CV 3-7-23 for site

My LinkedIn profile also has my latest professional and academic updates.

My research can be found here, on my Google Scholar page. I’ve written about media history more broadly for the American Journalism Historians Association, as well as the History Division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. I’ve also presented my work at the International Communication Association’s history interest group.

While at the UW, I wrote a social history of American newsrooms from the 1920s through the 1950s, with a special focus on the ordinary news worker, looking at his and her work routines and the contested presence of gender, power and control in the their work spaces. I’m also interested in the use and integration of new reporting technologies, as well as the impact of increased education and unionization on the field.

Pulling back a bit, I have research interests in media and journalism studies, labor, social and media history, media law, science and technology studies, the history of technology, the sociology of work, and communication and culture (specifically religion and communication).

Check out some of my journalistic work for the UW Daily (also here), The Seattle Times, as well as Geekwire and Books and Culture, and SPJ’s Quill, among other outlets/publications, online and otherwise.

Some of my absurd fiction-for-fun can be found here.

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