Pardon the dust — relaunch coming this summer!

Hey everyone!

Apollo 15 takes off on  July 26, 1971.
Apollo 15 takes off on July 26, 1971.

It’s been a very long time, hasn’t it?

I have a lot I’ll want to start saying more often here, now that I’ve moved more fully into the “writing up” stage of my dissertation at the UW and as I start teaching at Northwest University this fall.

My etymology (and posts) in the form of “Will’s Word of the Week” (slightly renamed as “Will’s Word(s) of the Week”) will also be moving here, carried forward from a wonderful (and long!) run at the UW Daily. If you’re one of my readers from before, then welcome!

But beyond etymology, this site will be my academic home-on-the-web, and I’ll try to post interesting round-ups of media history, links to long-form journalism, news about the field, and other fascinating odds and ends for your perusal. If I get published elsewhere, I’ll make sure to also cross-post/link here. I’ll also keep my CV/work page fairly regularly updated so you can track my progress into the wild blue yonder that is my still very nascent career.

Please bear with me as I prepare to softly re-launch this space this summer, and check back often. For more daily (and sometimes) hourly updates, visit my very serious Twitter account.

I welcome your ideas and feedback to


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